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 Men's Bible Study Notes

KCC Men's Bible Study

What is S.O.A.P.?

S.O.A.P. stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. It is a way of getting more out of your time in God's word.

How does it work?
It's quite simple. When you sit for your daily quiet time read the bible as you normally would with one simple difference. Underline or make note of any verses that jump out at you with special significance. This is the basis for diving deeper and using S.O.A.P.

Scripture - Write out the verse or verses that stuck out to you in your reading.

Observation - What did you observe about the scripture that struck you. This can be one sentence or a whole book.

 Application - How can you apply the observation so that it affects your life today.

 Prayer -Write out a prayer to God based on what you just learned and ask him to help you apply this truth in your life.

That's all there is to it!

Men's bible study 4/1/17

Running the race to win persistently amongst naysayers and derision is not easy but there is an awesome blueprint to look at.


This is a marathon and people are watching, we need no other proof but the reality of what happens when we fail. We sabotage ourselves and of course suffer derision whether it's outright or veiled.

Talk about examples of derision resulting from a risky or stupid moves we've made. 

We need to finish! Paul talks about finishing well...

I really think we need to talk about tools to allow us to do that. 

We should look at Nehemiah 2:16-20

He looked, conceptualized, told his friends and they said let's strengthen our hands and get to work.

I found that the progression with me is similar:


Arguments in my head and opposition from me


During action there are difficulties 

Derision from detractors not the least the devil

Opportunities to jump ship and second guessing because of many things

Dig heels in 


Opposition gets even worse

Pray more

Renewed strength and resolve 

More, fiercer opposition 

Prayer and help


Breakthrough seems to come pretty close to help. 

Let's talk about fellowship, unity and the fruits of it. Read psalm 122 and comment. 

Before anything even happens he is in conceptual stages and opposition is fierce. 

Nehemiah even rebukes them strongly but they keep coming, getting stronger and bolder every time.

I have to say I might've found an easier fight to champion, one I knew I could win.

Nehemiah 2:17 on action to cease derision.

Neh 3:5 nobles would not stoop to serve their Lord, just an interesting aside what is that about?

Yet 3:12 & 14, rulers repaired, even the dung gate

What occurs to me is that these guys knowing their history and the fact they were conquered and exiled, are not shamed into staying in captivity. They are willing to stand and fight for their home and rebuild. They even had to physically fight detractors. 

Look at how the unity begats strength in opposition 

Look at 4:1-3. The mockers. 

What was Nehemiah's response? Prayer. 4:4 & 5

Great psalm I use for spiritual warfare: 68

Then a mind to go to work; Neh 4:6

Enemy still not shrinking but doubling down.

In fact in 4:7-8 I see unity in the enemy.

Then more prayer 4:9

Talk about this.

4:10-12 they begin to falter, family around them even encourage giving up.

Nehemiah now advises spiritual warfare Corinthians's style. 4:13 on.

4:15 enemy recedes but following scriptures depict a very active war scenario.

What stands out to me is that while the weapons are deployed, no reports of attack ensue. Talk about this.

Other things happen though among them the persistent lying of the enemy and petty pestering. Undermining confidence is the goal and worse.

Later read on to end and see and comment.

How many of us when we suffer humiliating defeat get back up and fight? These guys obviously knew the history of their failings.

One of them is trust , Trusting that God has the long-range goal in mind and allowing yourself at times when you cannot put two into together to just have faith that he is working a miracle in your life. Philippians 2:12-13.

How do we sustain and walk the path that God has chosen for us when we perceive that we have failed? Failure is just one of the steps in my mind on the way to success. 

I've watched so many Man, me included, stop short of the goal because they feel that they failed, lost heart, and went a different direction. This goal that I'm talking about is not necessarily finishing a room addition building a canoe, or something tangible or physical. It can and usually be something like staying away from pornography for the rest of your life, or not allowing lust to control your thoughts, or not allowing anger to dictate how you react. 

I believe God wants us to stay the course trusting him that he is doing a great work that will come to fruition someday.