"The River"


Joel and Malory both have a heart for youth. Joel has an extreme passion for the word, and to see healing take place in the youth of today. Together they tackle the ever pressing need to bring our youth to Jesus.  Joel is a full-time respiratory therapist and Malory is a Nurse.  They also have 3 young children.  Yes-VERY BUSY.

Pastor Rick & Rosky Gonzales

Rick and Rosky Gonzales became Pastors in 2014.  They are deep lovers of the Word and great believers in the power of prayer.  Rick and Rosky lead a small group every Friday night in their home, and serve in every possible way.  Rick brings wise counsel and truth to the Pastoral board and they are both welcome addition.


Malcolm and Irene have served KCC for over 30 years in a variety of ways.  Irene taught in the School and she has taught Sunday school for over 50 years.  Malcolm started the Camp Owen ministry and handed it off to Pastor Ryan a few years ago.  Malcolm loves to mentor others in the faith, usually over coffee, shakes and desserts.

Pastor Ryan & Ronda Sertericchio

Became pastors in 2014 and are greatly loved.  They oversee the Camp Owen Ministry.  Ryan teaches the boys at Camp Owen, both Sunday and Monday night.  They have led recovery groups, new believers classes and outreaches to the needy and homeless in the valley.  Ryan-Best smile of all the pastors.


Mike and Cheryl Splawn started as youth pastors in 1986 and served the youth for 11+ years and they both were principals of Kern Christian School at different times. In 1997 Mike and Cheryl became the senior pastors, teaching from Gods word with true insight, power, and authority.  Cheryl oversees a dynamic ministry to our children called Destiny Kids.


Duane and Trudy were the founders of Kern Christian Church in January of 1980. Duane and Trudy led the church for 17 years, and their influence is still a great strength to, and in the church today.  They have continued their ministry to the body for the last 18 years through counseling, teaching and by imparting great wisdom to KCC.